An Evening with Jacki Shelton Green

Jaki Shelton Green

The poem “i know the Grandmother one had Hands” was written by one of the authors featured in the Lenoir-Rhyne Visiting Writers Series, Jaki Shelton Green. During her presentation, Jaki Shelton stated that her great grandmother who was a slave was one of the women who inspired her to write this poem. I think this is a beautiful poem showing how Shelton’s great grandmother was a strong woman. It’s a very powerful poem because it is about a real person and you can tell that she went through all the hardships of being a slave and that inspired many people. This poem is well written, and it really shows that she was a fighter. When I first read the poem, I instantly thought of my own grandmother, who is always there for me and my family and had helped us with any choices that we have taken in our period of life. She helped us with everything. I also think this poem gives us a moment to appreciate everyone’s grandmothers for all the work they do. At first the poem makes me sad, but then it gives hope for humanity to realize how we got here and how important is to value someone’s heart and not judge them for their color, culture, or religion because thanks to our ancestors and what they went throw we should be better humans and believe in morals and values.

One thought on “An Evening with Jacki Shelton Green

  1. Juliana, I’m glad that you had the opportunity to hear “i know the grandmother one had hands” read by Jaki Shelton Green, herself, on Thursday night and hear her recount her grandmother’s grandmother’s life as a slave. Your post presents a thoughtful summary of and reflection on the evening and how Green’s words brought to mind your own grandmother. You refer to Green’s “great grandmother,” but her grandmother’s grandmother is actually her “great-great-grandmother.”


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