An interview with Jeff Hobbs

Jeff Hobbs
Jeff Hobbs

On a Friday morning, Jeff Hobbs (one of the featured authors in Lenoir-Rhyne’s visiting writers series) was answering questions during an interview about his book The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace.

He looked very nervous at the beginning of the interview, but as the interview progressed his voice sounded more confident. My favorite part during this interview was when a professor from the Lenoir-Rhyne university asked, are you working on a new project? Jeff Hobbs answered with passion. “I felt in love with the non-fiction” he explained that this was because of the process he went through, and this led to his new project based on the life of a young man and the school system. During this interview he also shared that Jacky Peace (Robert’s mother) has not read the book yet which was very questionable. This was a very interesting interview, but it led to more questions.

One thought on “An interview with Jeff Hobbs

  1. Juliana, I’m glad that you had the opportunity to hear Jeff Hobbs’ 10 a.m. interview on October 23. Your blog post offers a thoughtful reflection on Hobbs’ remarks, noting that he has fallen in love writing nonfiction. Avoid letting errors such as “felt” for “fell” and “Jacky” for “Jackie” (Peace) mar your prose.


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